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Calming Pillow For Pets

Calming Pillow For Pets

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A One-Way Ticket to Slumber Town!  😴

🧼 Machine Washable, Dryer Safe

💖 Reduces Anxiety & Stress

🙌 Helps Alleviate Discomfort


 Material: flannel + pearl cotton 

Size:: about 27*17*6cm/10.63*6.69*2.36 in

Weight:: about 60g


A One-Way Ticket to Slumber Town 😴

They'll be out cold within minutes, enveloping them in coziness and ensuring a peaceful journey into deep, uninterrupted sleep.

Reduces Anxiety & Stress 💖

The Calming Pillow offers a cozy haven, providing a snug and secure space for them to relax, rest, and find solace.

Helps Alleviate Discomfort 🙌

Provides your loved ones with soothing relief by cradling their bodies in gentle support, helping to ease discomfort and promote a sense of relaxation.

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